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Our detailed AutoCAD drawings are done from careful field measurements. We are able to assist with coordination of the many different materials involved in some projects. Our construction methods often include building stairs over full-size computer-generated layouts, insuring a precise match to your site. Stair and balustrade systems are pre-fitted and assembled as completely as practical for later installation and the final fit. We can provide framing, landings, and other structures to fit our stairs and your site, further simplifying your planning.

Arc Stair Design has an extensive library of handrail and turning profiles along with many photos that are helpful to the client in planning and designing. We can coordinate stock parts from a large variety of manufacturers and also fabricate custom parts. Our other capabilities include the production of unusual wooden millwork and curved moldings.

Please click on the following links to view a small sampling of what we can do:

             Plan View of Octagonal Stair, first to second floor (CAD drawing)
             Plan View of Rectangular Stair, first to second floor (CAD drawing)
             Sampling of Newels and Balusters
             Sampling of Handrail Profiles

Experts in curved and monumental wood stairs
Experts in commercial curved railing and millwork

  • All phases of construction
  • Site measures
  • CAD working drawings
  • Full size templates
  • Contractor coordination
  • Delivery and installation quotes
  • Curved millwork
  • Historic reproductions
  • Match or extend your existing stairways
  • Most stairs are functional on the day of installation